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Welcome to our blog!  As the name suggests, we want to share everything midwife, everything mama, and everything in between with you.  We are two busy, self employed mothers who enjoy the unique privilege of working as certified nurse midwives!  We struck out on our own a few years ago - started our dream primary midwifery practice - and never looked back!  We have learned so much in the process of juggling business, family life, and women's health. 

In talking with women every day, we realize women love to chat about all of these topics!  We've got birth stories, a peek at on call life, mom hacks (and of course mom fails), the inside scoop on womens healthcare (with a holistic midwifery approach), and we know a little bit about getting a business off the ground.  We are looking forward to sharing all of this with you and hope to inspire and empower you to reach your own dreams along the way as well!


Women in Business


Birth Stories

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